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Coronavirus and secure remote work

By March 28, 2020remote Connection
Work From Home

Global pandemic ‘COVID-19’ has made significant changes to the work schedule of most people worldwide. To ensure the safety of employees, business owners come to the conclusion that the best solution today is a remote office IT connection. However, such a system has its pitfalls as companies’ information becomes vulnerable to security threats.

Employees working remotely, using their home computer can impose security threats to their organization if not protected correctly. These include but not limited to external threats as fraud or dangerous viruses, which can access valuable data. Hygiene during a pandemic is essential not only for people but also for your remote VPN connection.

Security challenges of a remote workforce

The current situation in the world has created a favorable environment for hackers who seek to cash in on the concern of COVID 19. Fraudulent acts continue to surge in the past several months including a phishing attack on behalf of the World Health Organization about a successful cure for the virus.

As a result of the pandemic, many events and travel plans were canceled, leading to various cyber-attacks include offering refunds relating to a recently purchased travel or concert ticket. As both a business owner and employee, it is important to take extra precautions to avoid becoming a victim of such attacks.

The great danger to remote working lies in human error as hackers lure in people through hyped topics concerning the Coronavirus, offering popular programs or adds to simply working remotely at no cost. These frauds pretend to be a colleague, sellers, or supporters, which eventually switch the remote connection to an unsafe domain leading to a complete disconnection from the organization while creating a great security breach. These cyber-attacks pose a great danger to the security of the information within the employee’s computer thus putting the whole organization at a great security risk.

Why VoIP technology is essential for remote workers

In order to ensure the safety of the organization, companies need to know how to ensure data security during the time employees works remotely. Further, companies that have yet to use this format should reconsider their options to guarantee information security. This approach applies not only to computers but to business phone lines as well.

Another main issue of working remotely is the complete disconnection from the office phone line. Companies who do not plan for such a rapid change result in complete disorganization and disconnection within their office. Today, as emails and phone lines are the base for communication, it is essential to guarantee a seamless solution to telephone connections outside the office. Using personal cellphones for business communication can result in many issues including lower quality phone connections, drop calls, unknown ID numbers, security issues, and potentially increased in cost. These will eventually affect the quality of service given by your employees and negatively affect your business.

Transferring employees to work remotely in such a short time during a pandemic without an efficient plan in hand could lead to great losses for a company. Thus, it is important to realize the potential solutions available in the market today, one of which is VoIP cloud PBX solution. Yappalot provides a simple and very efficiency solution to easily connect all employees working remotely to the office.  

Yappalot expands the boundaries of business communications and offers a cloud PBX VoIP system. One does not have to think about resources for organizing communications, and can fully focus on business development.

Virtual solution BA Consulting offers its customers an effective and secure cloud networking system that, in the context of the global ‘COVID-19’ pandemic, will quickly and easily organize a secure remote connection to your office computer networking. Our product is the perfect tool for remote work, as it allows redirecting calls not only to office numbers but also to mobile and home phones of employees.

A VoIP Yappalot solution is associated with minimal hardware costs. In fact, calls can be received directly on office computers with pre-installed programs. The most necessary cost is high quality and convenient headsets, which are necessary for operators for comfortable communication with customers.

Keep your business running from home with Yappalot!